Of which it consists to mint a website

Of which it consists to mint a website

To mint a website consists of generating income by means of her. Publishers Web/Blogs make the use much of these tools.

If you are beginning with a website or blog and wish to generate income with your webpage, it is necessary to know some companies that pay very or by the type of content that contains your Blog or Web.

Where beginning To mint my website?

The question that all we become for this type of subjects e. That I must make to mint my website.

At present many companies exist that offer systems of publicity for a webpage, pay much by click in an announcement that is known as (CPC or PTC) and some by sales, references, cost by thousand impressions etc.

That companies that pay very well to mint a Web?

Here we recommended some companies to you that will help you to generate good income for your webpage.

Google Adsense: (It is a company that pays to you by PTC, CPC, CPM)

Chitika: (For sites in English, it is a good alternative of Gooogle Adsense)

Kontextua (the announcements of this company are Contextual, looks for keywords the content of your page and it turns it into a contextual announcement.)

In this subject we did not explain to you as each company works, more ahead we will speak of them, but first of all, Google Adsense is one of the companies that pay very well.

Abimael Gutierrez P.

Abimael Gutierrez P.
Founder of apdesc