As Defining Meta Tags in HTML

As Defining Meta Tags in HTML

To define Meta Tags in a document HTML.

In this thematic one it goes to touch the subject of how defining a goal tag within a document HTML.


<head > <title >Apdesc</title> <meta charset = " UTF-8 " > ' <meta yam = " description? content = " Apdesc System for Points of sale Free " > <meta yam = " keywords? content = " apdesc, points of sale, free " > <meta yam = " author? content = " @abimaelgtp " > <meta yam = " viewport? content = " width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0 " > </head>

This it is an example of how structuring a goal tag within a document HTML. These definitions will not be seen within our webpage.

Meta Tags is used normally to specify description of pages, key words, author of the document, modified for the last time, and other metadata, the metadata can be used by the navigators (how to show content or recharges of the page), the web search engines (key words), or other services Web.

It is possible to mention that this he is apescto that takes a goal

Abimael Gutierrez P.

Abimael Gutierrez P.
Founder of apdesc

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